Ponderosa Park
Ponderosa Park

The Government's recently published urban white paper and sustainable communities plan highlights the strength of the Ponderosa vision particularly as the current agenda looks at how to create an urban renaissance and how to address neighbourhood decline and the need for new housing.

The plan for urban and rural renewal highlights the need to strengthen the relationship between town and country and importantly the urban rural fringe is seen as the centre of that relationship.

After widespread consultation undertaken by the Countryside Agency and the Groundwork Charity they have published a vision for connecting town and country in the pursuit of sustainable development.

The vision proposes 10 key functions that outline how the land around our towns could and should be used. It states that we should work towards creating well managed and accessible countryside, within everyone’s reach. Space to create exciting landscapes through design and land management. Multifunctional land use planning and spatial planning in order to join together the activities of all stakeholders. They state that a vision is required, to inspire thoughts and actions that reflect the local character, issues, opportunities and aspirations of a community and assist in its regeneration.
The following points indicate how closely Ponderosa fits this vision.
  • Providing a bridge to the countryside where green spaces are linked to the urban centre via footpaths and cycle ways.

  • A productive landscape – urban fringe farming and horticulture have become some of the most successfully diversified parts of the agricultural sector.

  • Health Centre, to improve the physical and mental health in the community.

  • A classroom to provide hands on learning.

  • Recycling centre, sustainable waste management and encouraging environmentally sound use of the land.

  • A place to live sustainably. Creation of a balanced community combining homes and employment opportunities with green spaces.

  • An engine for regeneration.

  • Nature Reserve to allow people to experience and appreciate wildlife.

  • Gateway to the town.

  • A cultural legacy.

Ponderosa Park